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2010 Championship Show

(update 19th January 2010)

Photo Galleries from the show are now published




Friday 8th January 2010 Gundog Day


YKC Handling (Gundogs) Adult Handling (Gundogs) CLICK HERE


Good Citizen Dog Scheme CLICK HERE


Assorted photos from around the show Gundog Day CLICK HERE


Gundog Group / Gundog Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Saturday 9th January 2010 Working, Pastoral & Hound Day


YKC Members Stake / Veteran Stake (Pastoral) AVNFC Pastoral CLICK HERE


YKC Handling  / Adult Handling Working & Pastoral CLICK HERE


YKC Members Stake Hound / YKC Handling Hound CLICK HERE


Import Register Working, Pastoral & Hound CLICK HERE


Assorted Photos from around the show Working, Pastoral, Hound Day CLICK HERE


Working Group / Working Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Pastoral Group / Pastoral Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Hound Group / Hound Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Sunday 10th January 2010 Toy, Utility & Terrier


YKC Members Stake YKC Handling/Adult Handling Toy, Utility  Terrier CLICK HERE


Assorted Photos from around the show Toy, Utility & Terrier Day CLICK HERE


Toy Group / Toy Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Utility Group / Utility Puppy Group CLICK HERE


Terrier Group / Terrier Puppy Group CLICK HERE






(Photos By Sarah Smith & Claire Wilson on Behalf of Boston & District Canine Society)


Championship Show